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#33 notebooks, summer, tattoos, etc, because the soup is getting cold

One of the most fun things for me is talking to someone who is excited about a creative project. I find it contagious and I get excited along with it.

So the old man and I are excited about the notebook thing:

These are the smna

And the big ones, we cal these bekoskines:

click here to see a video of him putting together the cover for this prototype. We used this illustration from Art Spiegelman crazy in ink that I love.

the bekoskines will have special roles!

The idea is to sell them but, according to him, there is still a bit of training needed to perfect the technique, for me they are already perfect.


5 years of this wonderful watercolor by Marcus Penna (in the link a timelapse of it)

This painting, as well as other drawings and prints from artist friends, are among my favorite things in my house and I'm very proud of the little collection I have here. If I were rich I would be the patron of the arts and I would fill my house with art.

Take a look at his work: the guy is good at 3D, animation, watercolor, in short, he's a talented guy.


The first months of the year tend to be quieter for tattoo people. In my case, I was lucky enough to get some illustration work, but it's still very tight. problems of working with art, anyway, but I still feel very privileged.

the ones I've done so far this year:


Are you looking for a gift for your crush, for your mother, or for your boss? you can order a drawing:

an illustration for a children's book I worked on this month. I love this type of work and I am always available for these projects.


About the february cover:

At the Pelotas bus station there is a mini lake with a capybara and at some point there was an emu too. emu is an extremely strange animal: what is this animal: a giant flightless bird? and what about that neck?? what design is this?? I love too much.

What I like most is that crazy, glazed look she has: a contrast to the capybara, which is a representation of laziness or perhaps a zen state? the capybara may be meditating, very fully. I like this duo, I think they would make great characters.



Do you listen to an entire album?

Not me, I'm addicted to playlists.

To listen to the entire album, without doing anything else, not looking at your phone, reading or working, nothing, just listening to the music. Well, I did that a lot when I was a teenager. I would sit in front of the sound system with my CD and booklet in hand and read the lyrics, or look at the cover art. totally absorbed in it.

I miss CD/vinyl inserts.


I discovered through Isabela Thomé's newsletter that Bill Waterson (Calvin's creator) is about to launch a new comic, which has nothing to do with Calvin, and I'm in love with the art:


some cool links, images and videos:

These tiktok music collabs are one of the coolest things on social media right now

this painting here by rebecca green:

this issue's crazy animal lady:

This is Frod: Follow Frod's story: from a hole in the grate to a frog spa. Frod's conquest is an exciting story!

the last entry in Leonardo da Vinci's notebook: “etc, because the soup is getting cold”

a guy who had the right priorities in life!

Thanks for reading!

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