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sparrows, colapse and anthony bourdain

from my desk #26

hello friends, how are you?

a few months ago gabriela pimentel asked me if I would like to participate in a collection of comics about the quarantine with a comic I had already posted (this one). I accepted and was very surprised with the result: there are 5 comics, each one for an author and they come inside this giant medicine box. each comic book has a preface written by different authors and I was very happy with my preface, written by belle felix <3 It even has a giant leaflet, with great texts by paulo floro and gabriela. follow the peba nets! this comic was handcrafted by them. gabriela is the editor's frontwoman and is a very dedicated and dear person.

on youtube: i am very addicted to yt, and my homepage there is a mix of science for dummies, art, crime, lorelai fox, mystery videos (mr ballen is my favorite) and animal videos today's tip is this series: great artwork explained in 15 minutes: the Hopper episode is my favorite

still on yt: this channel has all or almost all episodes of parts unknown

miss you, tony.

art vs artist

analyzing this mini selection of works of the year I have to be very grateful: I illustrated several children's books, which is what I like to do most within illustration, I managed to work a lot on my comic book and I was able to close the year by getting back to tattooing . Speaking of tattoos, I don't think I got to show the new studio here. pre-pandemic we (me, cesar and letícia) rented a small room in a very charming house in the lower city,

but now there are two much larger rooms: one is like a showcase and is in a very cool space. you can go in there and make a tattoo without an appointment. there are several new tattoo artists, with very different styles

this space is called artsy and is next to the zafari. I like it a lot, you can make a tattoo and then grab a pizza or beer and sit on these outdoor tables, there's plenty of space between them. sometimes there is a fair with people selling handicrafts, jewelry, etc. I stay in a more hidden room, inside the building

I share this room with Cesar and his tattooing course. very happy to have these people as colleagues, I learn a lot from them. one of the reasons that made me get into tattooing is that I was kind of tired of working alone, at my little desk, at home. no matter how much of a hermit I was, one day I got fed up: I wanted to work outside my home and interact with other human beings. I was very lucky to find such nice colleagues.

crazy animal lady recommends: this little elephant taking a bath

thank you for reading my nonsense and following my work here, guys!

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