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How about your family or friends in a cartoony style?


How it works: 

First, You make a purchase through PayPal. Then you send me an email (or fill the form bellow) with the type of portrait you chose (half body or full body) and some photos. The email to send the pictures is:

In the photos: it's important that I can see your face clearly (no sunglasses or hats, unless you want your drawing to be wearing sunglasses or hat). The people you want in the portrait doesn't have to be in the same photo, but if it's the full body portrait it's nice to specify the heights. 

I don't approve sketch. You can ask alterations in the drawing only in eye or hair colors.


You can specify some details like clothing or any other special detail (like: all the family in Batman costumes or whatever) it doesn't have any additional cost. 

No background or a very simple one. 

What you get:

a digital file, ready to print, high resolution (300 dpi) and A4 size, for personal use only (you can hang it in your wall, put it in a mug, in your wedding invitation, etc)


When you get it:

5 days after the payment

You can print it in paper, t-shirts, your wedding invitation, whatever you want.

How much does it cost? 

Half Body: one person: US$ 25 

Half body two: 45

plus 20 for additional person


Full body: one person: US$ 35 

Full body two: 60

plus 25 for additional person

In both types: pets and small babys are for free!

Limit of 3 pets.


The payment is via PayPal, my account is:

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask me via email or form:

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