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HELLO! Make yourself comfortable, welcome! I'm Samanta, an author and visual artist and this is my little corner of the internet. What I've been doing:

What would you do if you found a ghost sleeping in a music box?

Ada is a young orphan who lives with her grandmother. One day she steals a music box from an antique store and, while winding up this little treasure, she comes across a ghost! Luckily, it's a nice ghost, who likes to talk and help her with her school adventures.


As he doesn't know his own name, Ada starts calling the little ghost Zeca, and little by little he begins to interact with people around Ada: her grandmother, her neighbor, her nerdy friend, her rival, the school principal. Together, they gradually get to know each other better, in addition to understanding more about themselves.

"The Phantom Song is a release from Darkside Books, click here to find out more and buy yours!

Read an excerpt:

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what I do: comics, children's books, tattoos, family portraits, illustrations. use the menu to find out more!

I really like to tell stories through drawings.



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