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Children's books I illustrated

One of my favorite works to do. I'm always available for really cool projects! If you are an editor or an author looking for vibrant and colorful illustrations for your book, please contact me and let's talk:


Masha and the Bear

Masha is a very curious girl who lives in a village in the Russian countryside. One day, walking with her friends in the forest, she gets lost and ends up finding a house hidden among the trees.
MASHA AND THE BEAR ― THE ORIGINAL RUSSIAN TALE is part of universal children's literature, now published in its Portuguese version.

Balloon Publisher, 2021

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The Girl Made of Dreams

The children's world is rich in fantasy, creativity and dreams that are mixed with make-believe play. The girl in this story has a sensitive eye for things around her and a mind full of dreams. She is a skater, scientist, dancer, chess player... and pianist. This, the strong dream that does not abandon her.

Dialogue Publisher, 2021

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grimace for pacifier

It's only when the boy has the pacifier in his mouth that everyone makes faces at him. Tired of so much scowling, he has an idea: to keep all the pacifiers he finds in a box. Will the grimaces end now?

Inspired by the author's experience as a mother and with delicate and funny illustrations, this book will make the little reader laugh (and maybe grimace!) and help him to see that it can be easy to say goodbye to pacifiers.

Publisher Caminho Suave, 2020

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Grandpa, Thunder and I

Whoever thinks that thunder is just that noise in the sky that makes us run under the bed is very much out, you know? Thunder is also the name of a great friend of mine! In the story of this book Grandpa, Thunder and I live great adventures and discovere that age is not capable of limiting us when it comes to fun, friendship, companionship or, above all, imagination. 

Publisher Praxis, 2021