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Marque tua tatu:
É tua primeira tatu?
Qual a tua cidade?

Obrigada, logo entro em contato!

Common questions

What is the next step?

When I respond to your email, I will ask you to send me references: photos, drawings, any image that explains your idea. If you already have a tattoo in the place you want to tattoo with me, send a photo of the place too.

We already have a signal and date, what now?

Now I'm going to work on your armadillo! Using your references and ideas I will make a draft and send it to you the day before the tattoo. You can ask for any changes you want. Sometimes I finish the drawing on armadillo day, with you by my side.

About the drawing

Each drawing is only tattooed once and I only tattoo my own drawings, with a few exceptions, for example: I've already tattooed a child's drawing on my parents and it was a lot of fun! I also love tattooing fanart of series and animations. If you want to do something like this, write to me and we'll talk.

The budget

Once I understand your idea, I will give you a quote. The minimum value is 200


On the day of the tattoo, you pay the remaining amount. You can pay in installments on your credit card, interest-free, in up to 4 installments. Payments in cash or pix have a 10% discount 

I have several discounts! click here to find out more.

What I don't tattoo:

Cover-ups or renovations, only sell the design, fineline or very small tattoos.

Some places I don't feel comfortable tattooing at the moment or that I don't think match the style of drawing I do: face, neck, collarbone, fingers, ribs, belly. 


When you want to get a tattoo, you must pay a deposit of 50 per pix, which is deducted from the total value of the tattoo, but is not refunded if you cancel at the last minute.

If you need to reschedule, no problem, just let me know and we'll reschedule, the sign has no expiration date. I just ask that you notify me at least 24 hours in advance.

About the studio

I share space with very sweet and talented people. There is no need to make an appointment to visit our space, just show up and you will be very welcome! The studio is the High Space Tattoo and is in the heart of Cidade Baixa, in the Artsy space: surrounded by cool restaurants and bars. Follow the studio page to find out about our events and flashdays.

About retouching

There is no charge for touch-ups, but if 3 months pass, I will charge the cost of the material. But there is an exception if you are traveling or sick.


1) The first is to pay in pix or cash: it is 10% cheaper than paying by card

2) Have you ever made an armadillo with me? So on ALL future tattoos there is a 5% discount: after the first tattoo you become a VIP customer for the rest of your life :)

3) Do you want to make two armadillos? If you do both on the same day, you get a 5% discount on the second armadillo (due to material savings)

4) Referral discount: there is a 10% discount on the next tattoo if you recommend my work to someone and they tattoo with me!


Find out more about my various types of discounts

Ready-to-tattoo designs

Click on the image to find out the size and price. Each design is only tattooed once. Do you want to make changes to the design? Of course, there is no additional cost. You can place your pet's characteristics in any of the drawings, for example.

There are more designs available inhighlights ofInstagram! I have a lot of drawings in my handmy main account and practically everyone can become an armadillo.


The values in the images are valid for Porto Alegre and Pelotas.

At  pix you have a 10% discount. find out more about my various types of discounts



"I couldn't have chosen someone better to do my first tattoo, in addition to having fallen in love with the design, he also made all the modifications and colored it in a way that turned out better than I could have imagined. 

All the chat and coffee made my first tattoo experience a therapy that I will never forget. I just have to thank you for everything!!

And now the desire to do the second one is great kkkk

Natalia M

Have you already tattooed with me? How about sharing your experience? I will love to know! Just write to me and tell me how it went via email or Instagram.


How I started tattooing:

I've always really liked tattoos, so in 2017 I decided to learn. I was scared to death (I almost fainted during the first tattoo I got (a little skull on my brother). The beginning was difficult, I had a lot of insecurity and anxiety. But with time, a lot of training, study and encouragement from loved ones, I overcame my fear (well, I didn't completely overcome it... because it's a huge responsibility to draw on people! I still feel fear and anxiety, but in controlled doses, hehe)

I love tattooing. I love bringing to life my universe of drawings, my characters and ideas. It's a privilege and an honor to put a drawing of mine on someone's skin, something that they will carry with them forever.

I'm super happy every time they choose me to tattoo. All the tattoos I get are important to me.

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