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So happy you want to buy my stuff!
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handmade notebooks

A few months ago, my father (Beco) and I started producing handmade notebooks: he assembles the notebooks and I design the covers and endpapers. These are limited collections, we are in the third series: "ghost tree". Do you want to see the other series? Peek there our Instagram!


Bekoskines: these are the large notebooks: 80 sheets, with elastic and tongue. Pollen paper 90g. A5 size, hardcover. Sewn. Straight. Black or red 70 reais.


Bekopocket: a small version of the Bekoskine: A6, 80 sheets, with elastic and marker. Pollen paper 90g, hard cover. Sewn. Plain or dotted. 45 reais.


Bekonote: é o bekopocket numa versão vertical. A6, 72 páginas, sem elástico e sem marcador. Papel pólen 90g, capa dura. Costurados. Páginas lisas. 45 reais.


Bekomini: é o é o nosso mini caderninho. A6, 60 páginas, capa de papel kraft. Costurados. Páginas lisas. O combo de 3 minis custa 25 reais.