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ceramics, gifs, memories

from my desk #28

Hello friends! here I am again invading your inbox with my ramblings and drawings. I hope everything is fine with you.

a few months ago I decided to sign up for a ceramics course. the idea of ​​spending hours pummeling clay struck me as very therapeutic and I was right. It's a lot of fun, I recommend it! the "works" I managed to finish:

I call my sponge now bobo

Is it freezing cold there too? I learned how to put gifs on instagram!

(the line of the pudding failing is totally on purpose, I didn't forget to draw on that layer and then I got lazy and left it like that, no, it was intentional: the pudding is vibrating with the tiger) to use my amazing gifs on instagram just type samantamanta there in the gifs (I think) some of the tattoos I made:

from the osvaldo saga: this time he's a little tangled up (tudumpsh) will he be able to meet....

osvalda (wow, what a creativity in that name huh) who waits patiently making a coffee

carol wanted an oriental delirium surrounded by her pets and now I have a few discounts:

photo & memory when I was young I thought it was silly to photograph everything. the important thing was to live in the moment, create memories and not waste time with photos. like that comic strip/social criticism that shows people photographing or filming a show, a beautiful landscape, I don't know, without paying attention to what is actually happening in front of them. well these days I think both are valid: the person who takes pictures and the one who tries to enjoy the moment, because something I've learned over time is that memory is scarce (mine, at least, it's pretty bad) so today I try to photograph as much as possible, even what seems to be a rather banal moment, without anything very special, like the photo where my uncle is standing smiling with my mother and grandmother in the background. that was the last time I saw my uncle. I still have the memory of that day, of course, it's recent. but the photo reinforces the memory. It was a great day, nothing special: but it was sunny, I was close to the people I love. my uncle, despite the mourning for my aunt, seemed fine, had plans and shared them with us. it was like the old days, when everyone had breakfast at grandma's house and she was still very clear-headed and active. my dad always says carpe diem. I would add: carpe diem and accipere consequat (I googled take photo in Latin heheh)

hope you have a great week!

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