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clay, kittens and doctor rose #29

hello friends! In today's edition we have: the adventures of the tosca potter (Actually, as I can't burn the clay, it wouldn't be ceramic...) ADVENTURES IN CLAY!

Jacques already burned: he came out of the oven like he came out of a war: without a leg and without eyes (I glued it on with white glue, no idea if it will last). jacques was made in the ceramics class at the atelier livre. If you're from Poa and don't know Atelie Livre, check it out: the courses are very affordable (this one was 250 for an entire semester, with one meeting per week). I took a vote on instagram about leaving it white (like a fancy Greek statue) or coloring it and people chose in a huge majority: coloring. then on to the next chapter of adventures in clay: Jacques' colors. in addition to pottery I have also made bread and pizza dough in the last few weeks. had never doneit before. although I love to eat well I never had any aptitude in the kitchen. but then I started to feel this urge to make things with my hands: kneading clay, kneading bread dough. my ceramics break, my pizza doughs are so hard they almost break teeth and my bread... well, it's bread, right? even when it's bad, it's good! and it's really cool to work with your hands, drawing is nice, but when you put an object in the world it's a lot of fun too - even if it's a crusty bread, a tooth-breaking pizza or a ugly clay figurine - because it was something YOU made! I recommend it. if it gets ugly you put it in the water and reuse the clay. if the bread goes bad you give it to a boring relative. still about clay: I signed up for a course on face sculpture, with clay, and this is Marco Orégano:

he doesn't look very nice, but he has a good heart.

really? with the dragon?

This comic with the point of view of the medusa. By the way, all of this guy's comics are amazing! tattoo: I drew and tattooed a bunch of kittens:

the idea is to have an animal-themed week every month, the next one will be dogs. more adventures in clay:

this is Klaus the Ugly. klaus' colors are spray paint (the multipurpose ones), nail polish and posca pen. I don't know if it lasts long, but it's in my plants (like a bizarre garden gnome) and for now it's still there: firm and strong

the three edgar, still in mud. yes, everyone is called edgar. I am a very creative person.

On this edgar I applied a glitter spray, put some details with nail polish and the purple there is posca pen

the second edgar I used wood paint (we were painting a closet and I used the paint) I think I prefer it like this: matte edgar is cool

this lolinha (a dear character from brazilian cartoonist Laerte) is my first (and certainly only) self tattoo! I finally got it. it's practically a rite of passage that every tattoo artist does: an tattoo in themselves. I think I had more pain in my back than in my leg...

Some time ago I started seeing a psychiatrist to treat anxiety and insomnia:

Doctor Rose I would watch a psychiatrist detective series called Doctor Rose: Investigating the Human Mind Doctor Rose is tall and thin, even her face and hands are long, if she dressed in black she would be a tim burtom character. But she doesn't dress in black: Doctor Rose only wears brown and beige tones. The doctor's clothes are elegant, but it's an elegance from another time, Doctor Rose looks like something out of a 1950s detective noir film. But perhaps the most curious thing about Doctor Rose's look is her hair: it's huge, reaches her waist, but it's always tied up in a bun or, on rare occasions, a braid, and you only realize that it's giant if you look at it from the back. it's a beautiful, well-groomed hair, a little red-headed with gray, in the same color palette as the clothes she wears. She also always wears a pearl necklace with a large hoop in the center where she attaches her glasses. And he spends all the time putting the glasses on and off the hoop. You know the redhead detective from csi miami? at the beginning of every episode he makes a striking pun, puts on his glasses and then enters the opening song YEAAAAAAAAAAHHH?? So, every time Doctor Rose slips her glasses into the hoop, the opening of the Mind Detective series: Investigating the Brain starts playing (only in my head, obviously, I don't want to scare Dr Rose). Doctor Rose, the detective of the mind. On her table are unresolved patient cases spanning decades. Because Doctor Rose's age, like that of many fascinating characters, is a mystery: she can be either 45 or 70 years old. Doctor Rose's office: it's full of papers, it looks like the office of some writer obsessed with finishing the book she's been working on for 20 years: there are piles of paper everywhere: on her desk, on the furniture behind her. It doesn't really look like a writer's office, actually, because there are no books, it looks like the room of some detective obsessed with the same case for 20 years. Did Doctor Rose had a patient that she couldn't help and has been tormenting her for 20 years?? The case that defined her entire career, the case in which she almost gave up on being a doctor, but when she hit rock bottom, she discovered that her vocation in studying the human mind is stronger and that's why she moved on, but never forgeting The Case. And every now and then, while drinking coffee and looking out the window, she wonders where patient x is, the patient she will never forget. Well, back to the office: of course the furniture is also old. And no computer. Does Dr Rose hate technology? The Doctor's bag isn't big enough to carry a laptop, so there's no electronics in her room, maybe a cell phone, but I've never seen it. Dr Rose is old-school. Anyway, Doctor Rose is a mystery. It would be much nicer to spend the session listening to all of the amazing Doctor's stories, all her adventures as a detective of the human mind, about the case that has been tormenting her for more than 20 years, is that the reason she hates computers and technology?? etc. But she doesn't say anything about her, only I sit there mumbling, imagining every episode of Doctor Rose: Investigating Minds. Thanks for reading!

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